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Case Installation Guide

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BeraShield Case does not interfere a smartphone signal at all
because of patented heat treatment technology in its’ titanium metal.

Advantages of Aerospacae Grade Titanium

The BeraShield Case made of Aerospace Grade Titanium Metal,

which is 4 times stronger than bullet-proof carbon fiber-polycarbonate.

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Q1: Can I share BeraShield Battery and Charger with my family?

A1: Yes. The location of the battery and charger attached to the BeraShield Case is exactly same for all smartphone models. If you use the BeraShield with your family or friends, you can share your battery and charger with each other. On a busier day, you can borrow one battery and take two batteries!

Q2: Can I use the BeraShield Battery and Charger if I change my smartphone?

A2: Yes, you can use all the other accessories such as batteries and chargers if you purchase the BeraShield Case for your new phone model.

Q3: Isn’t it titanium metal heavy?

A3: Titanium metal is hard and light, so it is used as an external material for aircraft or spacecraft. The titanium case is the thinnest and lightest case to offer military-grade protection. And it lowers the temperature of the smartphone because it has excellent heat emission unlike thick silicon and TPU cases.

Q4: Why is the titanium case expensive?

A4: Titanium metal is so hard to process because it is extremely hard. We can offer handmade titanium cases for less than 1/8 of the cost compared to competitors. Because We reduced processing costs significantly by using patented titanium processing technology.

Q5: How is the grip?

A5: Excellent grip with naked touch of phone. BeraShield Case will cover minimal area with titanium metal to show iPhone’s Apple logo and give the best grip feel with providing military grade protection. The longer you use it, the more you like it!

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