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BeraShield Charger and Battery are fully compatible with all kinds of BeraShield Cases.


You can use BeraShield Charger anywhere at the table, in your car,

or you can attach it to the wall. (strong magnets and multi-purpose mounts.)

Q1: Can I share BeraShield Charger with my family members?

A1: Yes. BeraShield Charger can be attached to all kinds of the smartphone with BeraShield Case on. You can share your BeraShield Charger with your family members or friends who use any type of smartphone that supports wireless charging, such as Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Even if your family member doesn’t use BeraShield Case, BeraShield Charger can charge any smartphones that supports Qi wireless charging.

Q2: Can I use the BeraShield Charger if I change my smartphone?

A2: Yes, you can use all the other accessories such as chargers and batteries if you purchase the BeraShield Case for your new phone model.

Q3: Does the BeraShield Charger support fast wireless charging?

A3: Yes. BeraShield Charger supports 15 watts. (with a QC 2.0/3.0 or PD adapter)

Q4. Is the car mount included?

A4: Yes. The package includes the car mount for car charger, 3M double sided tape for wall charger or desk charger, and the fabric cable.

Q5: What is the auto-adjustment function?

A5: If you roughly put your phone (with BeraShield Case) or battery on the BeraShield charger, it shifts its position to the place for maximum wireless charging efficiency using strong magnet.

Q6: Is the BeraShield Charger Qi compatible?

A6: Yes. BeraShield Charger is fully compatible with Qi devices.

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