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BeraShield Battery and Charger are fully compatible with all kinds of BeraShield Cases.


It supports 10 watt when wireless charging the phone and 10 watt maximum

wireless charging rate when replenishing via an external charger.


It can be attached to the smartphone using a magnet and does not require a bulky cable. This will allow you to freely use your phone while charging.


It is the first wireless rechargeable battery that can charge your smartphone even under water with a true wire-free concept and complete sealing.


It is made from SAMSUNG SDI's genuine Li-ion battery cell which passed the short-circuit, heating, crush, abnormal charging, and impact tests.

Q1: Can I share BeraShield Battery with my family members?

A1: Yes. BeraShield Battery can be attached to all kinds of the smartphone with BeraShield Case on. You can share your BeraShield Battery with your family members or friends who use any type of smartphone that supports wireless charging, such as Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. On a busier day, you can borrow one battery and take two batteries!


Q2: Can I use the BeraShield Battery and Charger if I change my smartphone?

A2: Yes, you can use all the other accessories such as batteries and chargers if you purchase the BeraShield Case for your new phone model.


Q3: Does the BeraShield Battery support fast wireless charging?

A3: Yes. BeraShield Battery supports 10 watts both when wireless charging the phone and when replenished via an external charger.


Q4: Does the BeraShield Battery support waterproof?

A4: Yes. If your smartphone is also a waterproof, you can charge your phone with BeraShield Battery without any worry. It is perfect to carry it when you go out for outdoor activities and aquatic sports.


Q5. Can I charge two batteries at once?

A5: Yes. The BeraShield Batteries can be stacked on top of each other and charged simultaneously on a single BeraShield Charger. You can take multiple batteries on-the-go and swap them out once one is depleted.


Q6: Is the BeraShield Battery Qi compatible?

A6: Yes. BeraShield Battery is fully compatible with Qi devices.

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