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 BeraShield Cases for iPhone14 series have been released

Feel your bare phone as it is_Small_v01_

BeraShield is a total protection system that consists of a Case, Battery and Charger.

We recommend using BeraShield Case, Battery, and Charger as a set.

Do you need more power? Just stick it! 
BeraShield Battery supports IP68 rated waterproofing so that it can be 
safely charged whether you're in the bath tub or the swimming pool.

By alternatively using two BeraShield Batteries, 
you can use your smartphone for 24 hours without wired charging.

The BeraShield Charger can be used anywhere 
on the Table / Car / Wall with Car mounts.

BeraShield Shop

BeraShield provide shipping to anywhere in the world by FedEx international priority.

BeraShield Gallery

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