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Lightweight | Unbreakable |

Wireless Charging Phone Case

The best way to protect, charge, and present your phone

Total Protection System for Smartphone & Battery





Aerospace Titanium

Naked-feel Design™

Strong / Unbreakable

Various Colors

Card Slot

Magnetic Auto-adjustment

Ultra Slim thin 

Lightning Wire-free Charging™


Military Grade Safety

Qi Certified

Smart IC CHIP Multiple Protection

Multi Purpose Mounting

Stackable Multi-charging


BeraShield is a total protection system that consists of a CaseBattery and Charger to protect your smartphone perfectly.


Naked-feel Design


Total Protection for Smartphone

Perfect Protection Case
using Titanium

BeraShield is a total protection system that consists of a CaseBattery and Charger to protect your smartphone perfectly.

Strong / Lightweight

The Berashield case is thinner and lighter than other smartphone cases that are certified as Military Grade Drop Protection. 

In addition, patented special heat treatment technology applied to pure titanium metal does not disturb mobile phone signal at all.

Phone Touchable Design
Card Slot
Various Colors
Attachable True Wire-free Battery

The BeraShield Battery is a true wire-free battery that can be charged wirelessly both when charging the phone and when replenishing the battery with an external charger.

 It does not require a bulky and flimsy charging cable, because it supports 10 watt when wireless charging the phone and 15 watt maximum wireless charging rate when replenishing via an external charger.

The Ultra slim BeraShield Battery can be attached to the phone with a strong magnet, so you can freely use your phone while charging.

Auto-adjustment function with the integrated powerful magnet of BeraShield Battery makes it possible to achieve optimum charging efficiency simply by placing it on the BeraShield Case roughly.

The BeraShield Battery is ultra-slim,

lightweight, and easy to carry with no cables required.


BeraShield Battery supports IP68 rated waterproofing so that it can be safely charged whether you're in the bath tub or the swimming pool.


The BeraShield Battery is compatible with all types of BeraShield smart phone cases. Even if you change your smartphone later, if you buy only the BeraShield case, you can still use the BeraShield Battery.

Lighting Fast Wireless Charger

The BeraShield Charger can be used anywhere on the Table / Car / Wall with strong magnets and various mounts. 

The BeraShield Charger supports 15W Lightning Fast Charging, allowing charging at the same speed as a wired cable.

Just place the BeraShield Batteries on top of the BeraShield Charger and start charging at the same time.

Suitable Model for BeraShield
How to Install BeraShield Case

Place the bottom layer on your phone.

Put the top layer on the bottom layer placed on your phone.

Place the screw in position and tighten it with a provided hexagon tool.

Tighten the other three screws and then installation is complete.


99% pure titanium

Titanium thickness 


Color coating layer 

PET (Not containing hazardous components such as styrene or BPA found in ABS or PC)


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